-- Cast of Characters --

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The Band  -  Ben, Jordan, Kyle, Scarlett, David & Hailey.  Local musicians, barflies and gossipers who tell the story by means of recollection and incorporating flashbacks.  Very small part in actual sequence of events but are the perfect narrators, allowing an omniscient point of view to the story-telling.


Evelyn Porter Trexler  -  Our main heroine/black widow.  She has a tendency to pick unhealthy relationships, some would say as a result of poor relations with her own father.  This is her story.


He Trexler  -  Heir to the Trexler Cattle Farms fortune, extremely wealthy and owning most of land in town, He is as static and shallow of character as one might expect.  Which is to say not deep or complex in the slightest, while being an obnoxious barfly.  Though rather violent in his own right, He has never harmed Evelyn.


Joclyn Trexler  -  He and Evelyn's daughter, not quite 1 1/2 at the time of the events in the story.  Never sees her 2nd birthday.


Jeremiah Porter  -  Evelyn's younger brother.  A product of his upbringing and the example set by their father, Amos, who never loved Jeremiah and blames him for the death of their mother.  He grows up to be a drunk and a gambler.


Alvin Marsh  -  Sheriff, dirty cop and habitual blackmailer.  He gets a cut of the moonshine smuggling profits to turn a blind eye and has been on the Trexler payroll plenty of times whenever the upper crust needs a job done and doesn't want to get their hands dirty.  Thinks He Trexler is an imbecile not worthy of his inheritance, or Evelyn.  His jealousy is matched only by his extremely violent appetites.


-- Auxiliary Characters --


Theodore "Teddy" + Theresa Trexler  -  He's parents and devout atheists.  Pitting money against morality they battle the local church community for control of the hearts and minds in their town.  Believing in their own success and fully aware that Anglican religions acknowledge only one individual with proper-pronoun capitalized distinction, they named their son "He" as an affront to the faith.


Amos + Edith Porter  -  Evelyn + Jeremiah's parents.  Edith died giving birth to Jeremiah and Amos never recovered, becoming a shadow of his former self and an absentee father crippled by drinking and gambling addictions.


Reverend Ezekiel Cheek  -  Better than some, not as good as others.  A man of the cloth with lukewarm faith at best, the Reverend rivals the Trexlers for influence in the town and is outspoken about the moonshine running (though he partakes on occasion).  He officiated both of Evelyn's wedding ceremonies.


Agnes Cheek -  Reverend Cheek's sister and local daycare + pre-schoolhouse marm.  Employed by Protestant Missions Council.